Waveblaster Compatible MIDI Synthesizer Wavetable Daughterboard

Waveblaster Compatible MIDI Synthesizer Wavetable Daughterboard

DreamBlaster S2 is a low-cost Waveblaster compatible synth module based on the SAM2695 chip, perfectly suited for retro-gaming, music production and audio projects.

DreamBlaster S2's unique capabilities combine wavetable and FM synthesis for a high end retro experience.

Device Features:

  • 64-voice polyphony
  • 38-voice polyphony with effects
  • Dream CleanWave soundset
  • General MIDI compatible effects
  • 4-band stereo equalizer
  • Low power consumption, only 5V supply required (no +/- 12V)
  • Low noise audio output
  • Can be used for electronics projects, such as arduino, raspberry pi, midibox,...
  • Very small PCB size (24mm x 34mm)
  • 100% Waveblaster Compatible for vintage sound cards
  • Available in larger qty for OEM projects
DreamBlaster S2 was designed with testing, education, development, custom projects and prototypes in mind.  This low cost and high quality daughterboard is an excellent replacement for the increasingly rare GM Daughterboards such as the Roland SCB-7 or Yamaha DB50XG.

DreamBlaster S2 is 100% compatible with all sound cards that have Waveblaster connectors, such as SoundBlaster 16, Yamaha Audician 32, ESS AudioDrive, Aureal Vortex 2 among many others.
Notice: Some older sound cards with Waveblaster headers do not support MPU401 interface. These cards are only compatible with the SoundBlaster MIDI standard which will limit capabilities of DreamBlaster S2. Please visit the SoftMPU project website for further information on software that can enable MPU401 functionality on these cards.

DreamBlaster S2 can be used in Waveblaster supporting MIDI keyboards such as the Oberheim MC2000.


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