Embedded Development :
  • Touch screen GUI Development (Freescale Kinetis D4D) for smart energy charging system
  • Tire pressure sensor interfacing and workflow (TPMS)
  • RFID interfacing software and hardware
  • MIDI synthesizer board development (dream wavetable chip)
  • GPRS based remote relay control board and software (optomos relay and isolated inputs)
  • Track and Trace Alarm system using GPS,GPRS & Accelerometer
  • USB accelerometer module
Software Development :
  • Linux accounting software changes and support - invoice approval workflow and pdf visualisation (Basis BBX)
  • Windows server software for smartchip activation workflow - MS SQL Database interfacing
  • Signalisation and monitoring software using OPC / MODBUS TCP
Consulting Projects :
  • Project management consulting - Redmine / Mercurial / Agile workflow
  • GUI and product testing and support
  • Room reverb calculations